Resource Links Magazine About "Sammy Squirrel and Rodney Raccoon - A Stanley Park Tale"

“Lawrence has created a wonderful community of animals that live in Stanley Park, Vancouver. After a close encounter with people and pets, Sammy Squirrel and Rodney Raccoon decide they are going to leave the safety of the park and set off on an adventure. Their adventure removes them far from the safety of their community; the novel follows them as they head out into the ocean, and eventually end up in Japan. Along the way they are helped by many different animal friends, including Winifred Whale, Penelope Pigeon and Judy Crow.

Young readers will enjoy the gentle fictional world that Duane Lawrence has created in this short novel. The novel is well-paced for younger readers, and the clear text is interspersed with lively black and white illustrations. The short chapters are ideal for readers embarking on their first chapter book, but all students with an interest in wildlife or environmental issues will enjoy this novel. The story also works well as a read-aloud, particularly when introducing a unit with environmental or community themes to a class.”

Taken from: Resource Links Magazine – Volume 13, #4.

Written by: Claire Hazzard