Duane Lawrence

An excerpt from the first story…

Chapter One – The Surprisingly Dangerous Nut Haul

Sammy Squirrel awoke to the sound of a long, deep howl and leapt out of bed. Rushing to the window, he looked out to see what had made such a terrible noise. The large branches of his giant fir tree swooshed and swayed in every direction. It was the wind – a clear sign that winter would arrive soon in Stanley Park.

Oh dear, he muttered to himself, I’d better finish my nut gathering before any snow falls. He’d always felt this was a wonderful way to spend a late autumn day. But on this morning it was raining “people and pets,” as the old animal saying goes. And that would make going on a nut haul an unpleasant task for any squirrel, even a good-natured, hardworking one like Sammy.

After a delicious breakfast of roasted acorns and green leaf tea, Sammy hurriedly dressed in his green rain hat and coat, grabbed his favourite green umbrella, and scurried towards the door. He stopped for a moment to admire himself in the hallway mirror.

Oh, I love green things! Evergreen, forest green, anything green! And I do look good in green, too – somewhat like a little green shrub, come to think of it.

Full of admiration for the stylish reflection he had seen in the mirror, Sammy opened the door and peered out. Wriggling his nose, he sniffed the air as a quick safety check, for he never knew if an unfriendly hawk might be lurking in the treetops at this time of day. Satisfied there was no sign of danger from the animal world, he hurried down the tree and headed along the winding trail in his fancy “green shrub” attire.